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MarinaGo vs. Dockwa 

This page details the biggest differences between Scribble's MarinaGO and Dockwa's boater relationship platform.  We've tried to be as objective as possible here, because we want you to get on the right marina management software for your business. Some marinas even run our systems side-by-side for different reasons. 

What We Have In Common

First, let's go over what features are similar between each system in both functionality and approach. 

Cloud-based: Dockwa was born in the cloud, where as Scribble started by making on-premises software and expanded to the cloud with MarinaGo. Being in the cloud is important because it allows you to use and update your data from anywhere in the world. 

Transient & Long-Term Reservations: Both platforms can manage transactions for a range of inquiry and contract types including transient, long-term, seasonal, and storage.

Secure payment processing: Both platform use encrypted credit card payment processing and paperless boater invoicing.

Contract management: Dockwa and MarinaGo have a similar approach to streamlining contract management with an end-to-end digital management process including digital signatures.


Where We Differ

Driving Revenue:  With a built in network of hundreds of thousands of boaters, including an exclusive partnership with BoatUS and our own highly trafficked review site at Marinas.com, Dockwa is the better choice if driving demand for your marina is a goal. On average, Dockwa increases a marina's Net operating income by 20%.

Customer Communications: Because we are both the marina-side interface and the boater-side, Dockwa provides a better experience for your boaters and a wider range of communication tools for you, including: Embeddable forms for 24/7 booking, messaging tools in-app, automatic invoicing reminders, and customizable email templates for pre-arrival, billing, post-departure and review requests.

Automated Invoicing and Billing: Dockwa is the only marina management software that truly automates the billing/invoicing/payment collection/receipt process start to finish.  With MarinaGo, you still have to take some manual steps to batch and send out invoices.

Utility metering and fuel tank integration: MarinaGo offers utility metering and fuel tank integration that isn't yet available in Dockwa. If these are key needs, you'd either want to run the systems side by side or choose MarinaGo. 

Service Module: If you need to manage work orders or inventory from your core system,  MarinaGo has a service module called Pure Service that can handle that.  

Point of Sale: Both Dockwa and MarinaGo have customizable digital point of sale systems with options for both one-time and recurring charges. But MarinaGo has better options for more complex point of sale needs like multi-currency and bar-code scanner integration.

Pricing: Dockwa has transparent pricing on its website so you know you're getting the same deal as other marinas.  MarinaGo does not share its pricing upfront.

Free Support: MarinaGo has the same support options as Dockwa but the barriers to getting help are higher. Unlike Dockwa there’s no searchable help documentation for quick reference and the only way to get in touch is to fill out a form and wait or call during business hours. Most importantly, Dockwa support is free and MarinaGo charges for it. 


Running Both Systems

Some marinas opt to run Dockwa and MarinaGo side-by-side to get the best of both systems.  If that's the right path for you, you can use Dockwa as a marketing and demand generation tool, getting access to those hundreds of thousands of boaters, and MarinaGo as your management tool that integrates a more complex point of sale, as well as the service module, and fuel dock and utility metering. You may not need all of that, but if you do there are a number of marinas seeing success using both.

Third-Party Reviews

If you'd like a second opinion (who wouldn't?), you can take a look at a number of third party review sites to get further details on the strengths and weaknesses of each platform. 

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Software gets updated all the time.  See anything that is off or misstated above? Please email info@dockwa.com to let us know. Thank you!

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