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Managing your docks:

Dockage Assignments

Know your available dockage, wherever you go

Now that your Spaces and Space groups are set up, you are ready to use Assignments. With Assignments, you can assign any reservation to the dockage Spaces that you've created. This means that you can easily keep track of inventory when making new reservations and also look to see the state of your docks and moorings at any given time.


Start using Assignments the next time you confirm a new boater reservation. 

In the reservation details of the confirmed reservation, you’ll see an "Assignments" section.


Click “Add Assignments” to bring up the Assignments tool.


On the Assignments page, click "Add Assignment" to select a space that fits this vessel length on the given date. 



Dockwa automatically will show you which spaces you can put this boater during the given time frame. Select one of the recommended space groups and click "Save."  




When you “Save” the boater’s assignment, the boater’s vessel will appear on your Assignments screen.

To change the boater’s assignment, mark that they have arrived (Dockwalk status = “In”) or make a note about the boater, simply click the reservation on this screen. 



Some marinas then message the boater with their dockage Assignment, using Dockwa Chat. That way, the boater knows which slip or mooring to head to as they approach your marina and you have one less box to check when the boater arrives. 


And there you have it!

Follow this practice for each one of your dockage reservations and you’ll be able to see at any given time which slips and mooring are vacant, and who is coming, on which date, to fill them. 


"Simple, easy to use system that is a great tool for taking and keeping all reservations organized."
Graham Norbury
General Manager, Safe Harbor | Oxford Marina - Oxford, MD
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