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Dockwa’s advanced marina management software is flexible enough to fit the operational needs and goals of any marina. Explore Dockwa plans and pricing below to find the Dockwa that’s right for you.


Best for: Achieving operational efficiency


Dockwa Basic’s full suite of marina management tools save you time and provide you flexibility in your work day, so you can spend more time doing the part of your job you love.


Best for: Growing your business


Dockwa Connect grows your marina by adding to Dockwa Basic’s tool box a collection of features that take your customer experiences and business intelligence to the next level.

Customer Experience

Treat every customer like a guest in your home. Custom reservation emails let you convey details like approach instructions, wifi passwords and local restaurant recommendations to each boater ahead of their arrival.

  • Reservation Confirmation
  • Pre-arrival
  • In-port Customer
  • Pre-departure
  • Departure
  • Follow up

Marketing Growth

Generate demand and reach more boaters at your marina with Dockwa promo codes, a Platinum Marinas.com account, and inclusion in our promoted Dockwa Deals page.

Operational Intelligence

Spot opportunities for dockage price adjustments, staffing increases and more with monthly marina performance reporting.

  • Nights Booked
  • Dockwa Revenue Analysis
  • Response Time
  • Ratings and Reviews
  • Declined Reservations and Revenue
  • Expired Reservations and Revenue
  • Future Nights Booked
  • Auto-Confirm & Waitlist Performance


Best for: Transforming your digital presence


Dockwa Lighthouse was build for marinas who require more advanced occupancy and revenue reporting, as well as those marinas who might benefit from premium exposure to our boater network. This version of Dockwa is highly customizable and can include services such as website hosting, digital advertising, social media marketing, lead generation and a lot more from experts in digital marketing whom also know your business inside and out.

Marketing Exposure and Services

Gain exclusive access to Dockwa's boater network by working with the Dockwa Marketing Team on a campaign to fulfill your marketing goals. We will work with you to design the campaign and then exclusively market to our boater network through our marketing channels.

Customized Reporting

Dockwa can work with your team to deliver reporting solutions that align with your goals and targets. From forward-looking Occupancy Reporting to Revenue Recognition, we can customize report to meet your needs.

Premium Customer Experience

Providing a great experience to your guests is the best way to ensure repeat business. Dockwa gives you the ability to gain direct feedback from your customers, as well as communicate with them like never before.