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Boating is for everyone. 

Core to Dockwa's mission is helping people spend more time outdoors, connecting to nature and with each other, by creating technology and communities that make experiences more accessible, affordable, and enjoyable for people from all backgrounds. – For us, supporting the #BlackLivesMatter movement is a no-brainer, but that doesn't mean we don't have our work cut out for us. 

We pledge to acknowledge our shortcomings, address racism and inequality, and participate in long overdue, required, systemic change. This page is merely a starting point.  We'll continue to update this page as we develop internal programs, community initiatives, and content to amplify and support equality within the boating world.


What we're doing  |  Boating Nonprofits  |  Clubs & Marinas  

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What we're doing

  • Listening, better educating ourselves, and discussing internally the ways in which we can amplify and support Black boaters and businesses within the boating community and marine industry.

  • Reviewing our hiring practices and discrimination policies in our Terms of Service and community guidelines.

  • Updating internal code and non-programmer shorthand to inclusive language

  • Researching existing nonprofit programs we can support both financially and via amplification of their respective missions


Boating Nonprofits


Jackson Park Yacht Club Foundation – Chicago, IL

This program, which focuses on low-income, minority, at-risk children and youth ages 8-18, will teach leadership, teamwork and conflict resolution skills through sailing.


Piers Park Sailing Center – Boston, MA

To realize our vision of a community engaged in the local environment we foster a workplace and programs that are intentionally equitable, diverse, inclusive, and just. PPSC provides inclusive and accessible recreational, educational, and personal growth opportunities for people of all ages, abilities, and identities. PPSC empowers participants to become stewards of a stronger community, advocates for a healthy Boston Harbor, and leaders of individual and family wellness. 


Hudson River Community Sailing – New York, NY

HRCS uses sailing to fulfill their mission: to develop leadership and academic success in underserved New York City youth, and provide maritime education to the city at large. They do this within a vibrant community sailing center, where they offer professional instruction, membership, veterans courses, summer camp, group and corporate events, and community regattas. They strive to serve a diverse student body, and offer scholarships to families with documented need.


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Yacht Clubs & Marinas 


Seafarers Yacht Club of Washington, DC

Organized in 1945 as the Seafarers Boat Club, the Seafarers Yacht Club is the oldest African American yacht club in the United States. The clubhouse is located on the Anacostia River north of the John Philip Sousa Bridge and just south of the CSX Railroad bridge. The Seafarers Club was organized by Lewis T. Green, Sr., a wood carver and vocational arts teacher in the DC Public Schools. Green built boats as a hobby, and in his search for a place to dock one of his boats, he contacted the Department of the Interior about this site. Told that he should establish a boat club, he did so, but waited in vain for a response from the government. Eventually, with the help of Mary McLeod Bethune and First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt, he was able to rent the land for the club. The site originally was called Green's Boat Yard, and club members improved the marshy land and built docks and a clubhouse.

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Universal Sailing Club – Chesapeake Bay

The Universal Sailing Club (USC) was founded in 2001 and was conceived for Black people to share culture and camaraderie while sailing on the Bay, exploring the many culturally significant, historic landmarks. From the growing interest of African Americans intrigued by the sport of sailing, the USC has expanded to include member sailors from outside the Chesapeake Bay to around the country and abroad. The club also participates in cruising getaways around the world. The USC welcomes all sailors that express interest to align with its powerful mission and vision.


The Museum Shores Yacht Club – Chicago, IL


Black Chicago Sailors – Chicago, IL



Black Boaters Summit


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Related Reading 

  • Coming soon: How white yacht clubs and marina owners can be better allies 


We're on the lookout for grants, scholarships, apprenticeships, etc., that benefit Black boaters or marine tradesmen. 


Online Communities




  • Work here: email your resume and coverletter to jobs@dockwa.com to get the ball rolling. 

  • Write for Dockwa: At this time, we've set aside funds for three stories told from the perspective of a Black boater, marina manager, club organizer, or travel coordinator. 

  • If you're a boating nonprofit in need of technical (web/IT) assistance, shoot us a note and we'll sync up to get you on a better course, pro bono. 


Share more ideas on how we can help, organizations we should promote/amplify/assist, and other initiatives throughout the boating world via the form on this page. 

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