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A hub for marina employees to explore Dockwa features and benefits, and learn how other marina employees are marketing and operating their businesses. 

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Edgartown Case Study

Read how Dockwa helped Edgartown Harbormaster Grows Annual Nights Served 44%

MacDougalls' Case Study

Read how Dockwa helped MacDougalls' Cape Cod Marine Service Increase Transient Revenue 525%

Herrington Harbour Case Study

Read how Dockwa helps Herrington Harbour save marina staff five hours each workday. 

Foss Harbor Marina Case Study

Read how Dockwa's debut West Coast marina used our tools to help grow their transient revenue 50%.

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Marinas with a free Dockwa profile access our network of 120,000 boaters and earn an average of $1400 extra per month.

Dockwa Marina Testimonials

Industry insiders share how Dockwa  provides efficiencies gained, profits earned, and free time well deserved.

Marina Blog

Your source for marina industry tips on marina operations, customer success, and marketing.

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See how Dockwa provides a simple, streamlined approach to marina management.

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Whether it's small, large, private or municipal, Dockwa has a plan that will fit your marina.

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Learn how to use the Dockwa platform to help you run your marina more effectively. 

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