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Welcome to a totally new approach to marina management, from the #1 marina booking platform on earth.

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The Dockwa Network & Verified Reviews

Listing your marina on Dockwa gives you access to the #1 booking platform in the marine industry. Plus you get integrated reviews with Marinas.com.

Access to Millions of Customers (for Free)

The Dockwa boater network, alongside Marinas.com, is the biggest and fastest growing boater network in the world. Don't miss out, join the movement today.

Build your Online Reputation

Dockwa offers integrated reviews with Marinas.com, which will help to build your online reputation and convince customers to choose your marina over your competition.

Reservations & Guest Communications

Confirm or decline customer's reservations with one click. Guest communication that's as easy as a text message.

Modernize your Marina's Reservation Process

Your marina's customers have come to expect a great experience and high level of convenience when booking a slip.

Make your Entire Staff More Efficient

Dockwa enables you to confirm or decline reservations with one click, giving your customers the confidence that their slip will be waiting for them.

Inventory & Dock Management

Dockwa lets you manage your docks from any device (check out our new Dock Walk mobile app!) by assigning boats, keeping track of inventory and instantly confirming or declining reservations.

Manage your Marina's Inventory

Real-time inventory is always available. When taking a reservation over the phone, you can let guests know which days you're full and even give instant feedback on their reservations.

Slip and Mooring Assignments from Any Device

It's easy to give your customer a slip or mooring assignment right after you confirm their reservation. Seasonal customer leaving? Fill the slip with a transient. Dockwa is always up to date.

Payments & Financial Reporting

Dockwa's payment processing gives you access to reporting that your accountants can use to easily balance your books.

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Payments Transfer Directly to your Bank

All Dockwa processed payments will transfer directly to your bank via ACH. No checks, no worries.

Financial Reporting to Balance your Books

The Transfers feature of Dockwa will let your accountants balance your books quickly and easily, keeping the team on the same page.