Refer your favorite marinas to Dockwa and earn up $100 in Dockwa Dollars per referral for free dockage or purchases.

We want to make booking stays at marinas easier everywhere... and you can help!

There is nothing more impactful than hearing about Dockwa directly from the boaters who love to use it.  We'd greatly appreciate your help in bringing Dockwa to more local marinas, yacht clubs, service yards and more.  If you can introduce us to a location that's not currently using Dockwa, we'll thank you with free dockage in the form of Dockwa Dollars which can be spent anywhere Dockwa reservations are accepted.  

Search For Your Marina

Go to our app or search page to search your area for marinas we already cover. If you know of a marina, yacht club or service yard that's not on our list, they're eligible for the referral! Additionally, we ask that you only introduce us to destinations in your area - no spamming marinas you don't know or couldn't use.

Introduce Us Via Email

Click the button below to email the marina and CC us.  Or craft your own email and CC and Just by sending the email and CCing us, you'll get $50 Dockwa Dollars added to your Dockwa account.  If they respond, and we're able to meet with them, you'll get another $50 in Dockwa Dollars

Earn Dockwa Dollars

When we receive the first email to an eligible marina, we'll add the Dockwa Dollars to your account. When we are able to book a meeting with them, we'll add the second reward.  If you have trouble or don't see your Dockwa Dollars, email us.  That's it! You can get started by clicking the button below and sending the sample email to your marina.


Email Your Marina About Dockwa