No Regrets, Captain.

Maybe you just got your first big fuel or repair bill. Maybe you spent a day in the sweltering sun scrubbing barnacles off the bottom of your boat getting it ready for storage. Maybe you're having just a tinge of regret.  We've all been there.  And we're here to tell you: cut that out.  You are a genius for buying a boat. Not just a genius, a seafaring genius. And this one decision will build a lifetime of great moments. So no regrets, captain, only priceless memories. 

To help remind you on those tougher days that this is all worth it, here are some some wise words from long-time boat owners who have been through all the ups and downs and would do it all over again.  


Want to add your own words of boating wisdom? 

We'll be adding to this collection over time. If you're an established boat-owner and have some words of wisdom for newbies in their first year,  email us here with a 30 second audio recording. Or send us your written advice and we'll get it recorded and added to the group. 

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