Thursday, July 30, 2020 @ Sail Newport


Sail-in to the cinema for newportFILM's move night! 

Dockwa has teamed up with newportFILM, Sail Newport, Rhode Island State Parks, and the Boys & Girls Club of Newport County to present Newport's first-ever Drive & Sail-In film screening!

Sail-In Movie Night FAQs

Q: Are there still slips available? 

A: As of Wednesday, July 29, this event is sold out. Thank you to everyone who has RSVPed! If you have submitted a request and not been confirmed, we will notify you in the order in which your request was received in the event of a cancelation. You do not need a reservation to donate in support of the organizations this event benefits!


Q: Why should I support this event? Why did Dockwa choose the Boys & Girls Club? How can I help even if I can't attend? 


The Boys & Girls Club of Newport County

Support the Boys and Girls Club of Newport County


Q: Where will my slip assignment be? 

A: We will email boaters with confirmed reservations the morning of the event to give you a slip assignment and preferred load-in time to help Sail Newport help mitigate traffic. 


Q: What time can I arrive? 

A: Boaters with confirmed reservations can arrive between 4pm - 7:45pm. The event timeline is as follows: 

  • 4pm: Sail Newport opens to boats

  • 7:45pm: Boat traffic to Sail Newport wraps up

  • 8:10pm: Film begins


Q: How much are tickets? 

A: In lieu of tickets for the event, boaters will book slips. Slips for this event are $9/foot, with all proceeds benefiting the Boys & Girls Club of Newport County and Newport Festivals Foundation. 


Boat-In Guidelines

Q: Will social distancing rules be in effect? 

A: Yes! Guests in cars as well as boats must act in accord with the state Covid-19 guidelines. We've compiled sail-in event guidelines as well – click to download.


Q: Where will the boat slips and screen be? 

A: The boat slips will be on the Alofins Piers by the parking lot near the visitors center. The screen will be located at the edge of the parking lot facing the docks, aboard a flatbed truck to improve visibility. 


Q: How many slips are available?

A: Sail Newport has 500 - 700 feet of linear dockage, so the number of vessels admitted will depend on the size of those vessels as Sail Newport approves reservation requests. A rough estimate is that 20-30 boats will be admitted. 


Q: How can I make sure my reservation request goes through without a hitch? 

A: Great question. Here are some tips: 

  • If you're submitting your reservation via your Android or iPhone, make sure the app is the most recent version.

  • If you're submitting your reservation request on a desktop/laptop web browser, make sure you have the most up-to-date version of Chrome, Firefox, or Safari. In the browser's options click on "About" and check for up dates. If it shows that there's a new version available for download, proceed and make sure to relaunch your web browser so that the updates take.

  • Know your login information! Whether you're submitting by desktop or mobile app, being logged in – and thus, knowing your login information is pretty crucial. Click here to view the Dockwa Helpdesk guide on resetting your password. 

  • Once you hit "Request Reservation," the next page may still take some time to load. Be patient: refreshing the page or submitting multiple requests could cancel or complicate your request. Rest assured, the software has captured the exact time you submitted your information. 


Q: What happens once I submit my reservation request? 

A: Dockwa's software automatically sends reservation requests to the marina's reservation queue for approval in the order in which they are submitted. Dockwa does not approve, deny, or waitlist your reservation request – that's up to the marina staff. 

Here's what happens when you hit submit:

  • Dockwa's software immediately and automatically adds the request to Sail Newport's request queue, and sends you a confirmation email that your request has been submitted. You'll also see this status update in-app in your "Trips" section. 

  • Sail Newport then approves, denies, or waitlists your request. Dockwa sends a second email notifying you of your request's updated status, which you may also view in-app or when logged into the website in your "Trips" tab. 

Q: I have a reservation but am no longer able to make it. What do I do?

A: It happens! Space is extremely limited, so please let us know. Log in to the Dockwa app or website, go to "Trips" and cancel through there. If you're having trouble, email Due to the nature of this event, you may not transfer your reservation to another vessel. 


Q: I have a prior engagement at Noon on July 27, can I get a reservation before reservations open? 

A: Space is very limited and requests will be confirmed/approved in the order in which they are submitted via the app or website. If you are unable to submit your reservation online or via the app, you may wish to grant someone temporary access to your Dockwa account in order to submit the request on your behalf. 


Q: I'd like to support the organizations running or benefitting from this event regardless of my ability to attend. How can I do that? 

A: All dockage proceeds will benefit the Boys & Girls Club of Newport and the Newport Festivals Foundation. We encourage all residents and visitors to contribute to those organizations as well as to newportFILM via the links below. 



Q: I'm having trouble logging in and updating my account! Where can I get help? 

A: First make sure you check out our FAQs, but if you still need help, contact Dockwa Support at, 401-236-8304, or message them using the chat feature at the bottom of the screen. 


Q: I have an event-related question that's not listed here. Who can I ask for help? 

A: Email with the subject line "newportFILM event" and we'll get back to you ASAP! 


Q: I want my harbor/marina to host a Sail-In movie night! Who can I talk to? 

A: Email to get the ball rolling! 








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