Reach more guests, take more reservations, dock more boaters—and turn casual customers into regulars with Dockwa.

Stay booked with Dockwa.

Find more boaters, market more effectively, and book with ease.


The way guests love to book.

Over 50 marinas already use our reservation management software to attract new guests and turn one-time guests into regulars.

Let's make it easy for everyone.

The Dockwa marina reservation software lets guests make reservations 24/7 from your website or our mobile app. You don't miss bookings because guests can't reach you, and your staff spends less time on the phone. 

Every reservation booked online is instantly visible to you and your staff.



Delight boaters with Dockwa.

Run perfect shifts with our simple solution.


Flawless Reservations.

Booking errors. Missed voicemails. Long waits. Lost sheets. Sound familiar?
With Dockwa, you'll minimize over-and underbooking. By taking the phone out of the loop, Dockwa reduces missed calls and voicemails.

Meanwhile, your staff can access any information, any time—so they're prepared for surprises.

Put your knowledge to work.

Every marina is unique. So, Dockwa starts by learning from you. Using that knowledge, our marina reservation software balances reservations with walk-ins; helps staff prepare for arrivals; improves coordination between the office and dockhands, so boaters aren't rushed or lingering.

With the tools to track performance you can repeat the perfect shift more often.


Every boater is a VIP

You never want to mistake a regular for a stranger. Dockwa empowers your staff by collecting useful information on each guest: a favorite slip, their last stay, a special event or occasion.

Now you'll be able to accomodate each guest, and create memorable experiences.

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