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Dockwa is The only Marina Software
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Marina life can be unpredictable. Dockwa is the only marina management software that streamlines your entire operation, while giving you exposure to hundreds of thousands of boaters.  On average, Dockwa increases a Marina's Net operating income by 20%.



Increase revenue from transient, long-term and storage inquiries.

Whether it’s short-term, long term or backfill, Dockwa can help you fill slips and drive revenue.

  • Reservations: Take online reservations & inquiries in your sleep with the Dockwa App.
  • Promotions: Run instant promotions during slow periods with Dockwa Deals.
  • Backfills: Spot and manage backfill opportunities.
  • Charges: Add customizable recurring or one-time charges to a stay.


Streamline your entire operation

With Dockwa, you can receive inquiries, check availability and handle contracts in one place.

  • Reservations: Securely store customer and payment information.
  • Contracts: Easily create, deliver and secure signatures for contracts. 
  • Invoices: Automatically send invoices to customers and get alerts for failed payments..
  • Assignments: See inventory and availability of your  whole marina.
  • Dockwalks:  Check-in boats, take notes, add charges in one portable system.
  • Reporting: Report on finances and occupancy in easily exportable formats.


Simplify communications

Stop playing phone or radio tag with your customers.

  • 24/7 Booking: 40% of requests come in after hours, Dockwa can make sure you don't miss those.
  • Searchable contact database: Have all the details you need on hand.
  • Messaging:  Use the built-in messaging to talk directly with your boaters. 
  • Emails: Automatically trigger booking, pre-arrival, and departure emails.
  • Automatic billing emails: No need to chase payments.
  • Automatic review requests: Automatically prompt guests to leave a review on Marinas.com.


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