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The latest updates to hit the water

Our promise to the marine and boating industry is to connect more marinas with more boaters. We talk to marina operators each day to learn how Dockwa can further facilitate this connection and keep this industry growing. The software updates shared on this page are a result of these conversations.

Bookmark this page to keep up to date on the latest updates to the Dockwa platform.

For any questions about these product updates, contact the Marina Success Team at the link here.


August 2019 Dockwa Updates


- Collect custom deposits for long term reservations and contracts

Marinas that require a deposit from their long-term customers can now save serious time collecting that deposit automatically through Dockwa's long term billing and contracts tool. 

- Get more visibility into what payments you can expect in the future with Scheduled Payments 

For every Dockwa reservation, see what payments have been made and what you can expect to be paid in the future.

- Have more control over when you collect payments with Manual Payment Settling

For every payment, from deposits to boat charges, let it process on its scheduled date, or collect it today, by clicking "Settle."

- See which rates you have set up in Dockwa to confirm whether you need to make changes

Dockwa users with "Admin" permissions can now see the rates that are active in their Dockwa profile.


For marinas using Dockwa Connect to elevate customer service and grow their boater network…

- Asset sales reports provides an accrual sales report for your specific space groups

Head to the "Reports" section of your Dockwa Dashboard to get custom summaries of how your different space groups perform throughout the year.


July 2019 Dockwa Updates


Auto-renew dockage and storage contracts and payments

Boaters sign a dockage agreement once, and their agreement and auto-billing will auto-renew on the schedule that works for you and the boaters. Tip: works great for month-to-month dockage contracts!


For marinas using Dockwa Connect to elevate customer service and grow their boater network…

- Occupancy reports give you the insight you need to optimize your dockage pricing and demand

Head to the "Reports" section of your Dockwa Dashboard to get custom summaries of how your different slips and moorings perform throughout the year.

- Cash Sales and Accrual Sales reports give your accountant all the information they need to balance the books at your marina.

Ask your Marina Success Manager about giving your accountant special user access to Dockwa financial reports and notifications. 


June 2019 Dockwa Updates

View Payment, Transfer, Line Item, and Assignment reports in one place

Head to the "Reports" section of your Dockwa Dashboard to view all relevant accounting and inventory reports in one convenient place. 


May 2019 Dockwa Updates


- Use Dockwa Contracts to send and collect storage contracts and payments

Square-footage pricing and storage-specific inventory management tools allow marinas, yacht clubs, and boat yards to automatically collect dry storage payments and signatures, maximize dry storage occupancy, and delight dry storage customers. 

- See payment status for each item in your Line Items report (and alert your controller!)

When you export your Line Items report, you will see a Payment ID and a Transaction Date associated with each line item. If a line item has any of these two data points, it means that the item has been paid for (or refunded)! This information will help your controller understand what revenue to expect during any given time period and what payments remain outstanding at any given point. 

- See all settled and outstanding payments on reservations that are billed recurrently 

For boaters that you bill more than once for their stay at your marina (ex. long term boaters paying monthly, transient boaters paying a deposit and a final invoice), you can now see on the boater's reservation page which payments are complete and which payments are outstanding. 


For marinas using Dockwa Connect to elevate customer service and grow their boater network…

- Use date-specific promo codes to drive demand during slow periods

Add date restrictions to your marina's promo codes to create compelling offers that bring boaters to your docks when you need them the most. 

April 2019 Dockwa Updates


- Collect insurance from your boaters

Boaters can now add their boat's insurance information to their Dockwa profile. Whenever a boater requests a reservation, you will see these details in their request and will keep this information in your Dockwa boater database. 

- Manage your marina's bank account

Update your marina's bank account information, without having to contact your Marina Success Manger, in the "Configure Bank" section of your Dockwa Settings. 

- Send (and resend) itemized receipts to your boaters

Upon checkout, boaters will receive itemized receipts for their stay at your marina. If your boater needs a new copy of their receipt, you can send a new receipt to them from within their reservation record.


For marinas using Contracts to promote & manage long-term dockage: 

- Capture all long term dockage requests in on one page

Last month, we added to your tool box custom landing pages where boaters can request specific types of your long term dockage. This month, we added a custom landing page where boaters can make a general inquiry for your long term dockage. You'll be notified - via email and in your dashboard - each time a boater makes a long term dockage request (just like a transient reservation request). You can find the link to this landing page in the Contracts section of your Dockwa Dashboard. 

- Automatically remind boaters of outstanding dockage contracts

If a boater's contract is unsigned for five days, Dockwa will automatically send the boater an email reminding them to complete their signature and payment. We'll keep sending a reminder every five days until the signature and payment are captured or you expire the contract. 


For marinas using Dockwa Connect to elevate customer service and grow their boater network…

- Include reservation-specific information in your custom reservation emails

Customize your reservation emails to include things like the boater's dockage assignment and reservation confirmation number. Interested in updating your marina's custom reservation emails? Complete the form on the Contact Marina Success page

Want access to custom pre-arrival, in-port, and departure emails? Schedule a demo of Dockwa Connect

Customize your dockage contracts and contract emails with your marina's branding

Apply your marina's logo to contracts and contract emails to ensure your boaters have a consistent experience with your brand.


March 2019 Dockwa Updates


– Account for cash and check payments

Now when boaters want to pay with cash or check, you can easily log these payment types in Dockwa. This lets you account for all dockage reservations – not just those paid via credit card – in your Dockwa dashboard.

– Assign user roles to different members of your team

The administrator of any marina's Dockwa account can now assign user roles to grant/restrict different permissions levels for different members of your team.

– View Boat Charges at categorized line items

Boat charges are now categorized line items in your Payments and Transfer reports. Scroll to the right in these reports to see these new Boat Charge columns. 


For marinas using Contracts to promote & manage long-term dockage: 

– Create custom billing schedules for all boaters

Custom billing allows you to specify exactly how and when you’d like to bill each boater for dockage. This is available to you both for the short term reservations that boaters book Dockwa and for the long term reservations that you create in the Contract tool. 

– Add boaters from the Dockwa network to a Contract Group

If your boaters already have Dockwa accounts, you can search for them by email and add them directly to your Contract groups, for easy setup.  

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