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Keep docks flexible to maximize occupancy

At the start of your day, you likely have an idea of what you'll accomplish and at what time. Inevitably, unexpected events occur that require that you shift plans, in order to accomplish what needs to get done. That's why you stay flexible with your time, in order to gracefully accommodate the unexpected. When others may say they're too busy, more often than not, you make time for the unexpected.

Just like your day's schedule, your marina's schedule isn't fixed. You start your day with an idea of how much dockage will be occupied, but ultimately encounter unexpected arrivals and departures. That's why you stay flexible with your dock age, in order to gracefully accommodate additional boaters. When others may say they're at capacity, you make room to accommodate additional boaters. 


Dockwa Dock Management Means Flexibility

Dockwa is built to encourage flexibility, both in your personal schedule and your marina's dockage. Marinas like MacDougall's Cape Cod Marine Service and Constitution Marina employ dockage flexibility, enabled by Dockwa's dock management tools, to keep an average occupancy rate above 100%.

And that's what we consider the most powerful implication of using Dockwa to manage docks - that marinas can increase capacity for boaters, even if already operating at 100% occupancy.

How, exactly, does Dockwa accomplish this? We accomplish it by allowing you to keep flexible your inventory of dockage, to accommodate boaters based on your available length of dock space, rather than a fixed number of dock spaces.


Flexible Inventory Means Extra Availability

Imagine this: You're driving a compact car through the streets of Boston, looking for a parking spot for a couple hours while you grab a meal with a friend. It's a busy Friday night, so street parking is scarce. You notice that most cars occupying the streets have a few feet of space between them. That's because the City of Boston demarcates street parking, allowing enough space for an Escalade to fit in each parking spot. 'If only these parking spots weren't pre-marked,' you think to yourself, 'at least four more cars could fit on each city block, and I wouldn't be late to dinner!'


Just as the City of Boston could maximize parking occupancy by not keeping static their inventory of available street parking spots, so can marinas maximize vessel occupancy by not keeping static their inventory of available slips, moorings, and/or linear dockage spaces. And that's how we like to think about inventory and availability at Dockwa.


With our dock management tools, you can choose to keep your inventory of dockage flexible and, as a result, expand your availability. Rather than considering your static units of inventory when deciding to confirm a dockage request, you can think about the available feet of dockage. This will will allow you to say "Yes" to more dockage requests, leading to higher occupancy (remember Boston's curbside parking!), and additional income for your marina. 


"The software is extremely easy to use - for both the marina & the boaters...I would recommend this platform to everyone!"
Jackie Atkins
Sales and Marketing Manager, Lakeview Pointe Landing - Syracuse, NY
To get started managing your docks with Dockwa, let's learn how to put all of dockage reservations into your Dockwa Dashboard - not just those that are made through the Dockwa app.