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dock management:

Updating dockage rates

Keep Dockwa rates aligned with your advertised dockage rates

Whether you’re updating dockage rates to prepare for your new season, or you need to make a mid-season adjustment, we show you how to make sure your boaters are paying the correct amount for your dockage.

Updating Dockage Rates in the Dockwa Booking Tool

Your rates in the Dockwa booking tool are manually updated by your dedicated Marina Success Manager. To send us your updated rate information, please fill out the Rate Update Request Form which can be found in the link below:

Submit Your Updated Rates


Updating Rates in Your Digital Profiles

When you update your rates, it’s important to make sure the other places where your rates are advertised are also updated. That can include your marina’s website, your marina’s Facebook, and the “About” section of your Dockwa profile.

Not all marinas have rates information in the About section, but if you do, read on to learn how to update this content.



Your Dockwa Marina Profile is directly connected to the Marinas.com profile associated with your account. In order to change the “About” section on both profiles, you login to your Marinas.com account. (Don’t have access to your Marinas.com profile? Learn how to get access here: How to Claim your Marinas.com Account)

Once you’re logged into your Marinas.com account, you can easily update the “About” section of your Marinas.com and Dockwa profiles with your new rate information.


"The team at Dockwa are professional and quick to respond with answers or suggestions if we have a question."
Noreen Baker 
Manager, Tisbury Wharf - Vineyard Haven, MA
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