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Managing your docks:

defining your dockage

Setting up Spaces in Dockwa

Now that you have your Space Groups set up, let’s add your Spaces. Spaces represent the individual units of dockage at your marina. By adding them to Dockwa, you’ll be able to see which boats are in which of your slips or moorings, for any given time.

1. Navigate to the Settings page of your account and click the Spaces tab. Then, click “New Space.”



2. For a unit of dockage at your marina, enter in its name (ex. Slip 1, Dock A) and space type (slip or mooring).

If you use Space Groups at your marina, assign the Space to one of your pre-defined Space Groups. If not, click “Add Space.”



3. As you add Spaces for each of your slips and moorings, they will appear in your list of Spaces.



Once you’ve added all Spaces for your marina, you’re ready to start assigning reservations to your Spaces and Space groups. The Assignments tool will let you view which boats are where in your marina at any given time, from any internet-connected device. 


"This is the best site we have found. It saves our office a ton of work, is very user friendly and when (hardly ever) there are any issues you get immediate service. I suggest every marina in every harbor use this."
Chad Johnson
Harbormaster, Gloucester Harbor - Gloucester, MA

Now that your Spaces and Space Groups are set up, let's put them to good use. The Assignments tool lets you to assign boaters to slips, so they have piece of mind and you know which boats are where at all times.