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Complete the following tasks to be in ship-shape for your season's start

If you're a seasonal Dockwa marina, there are just few simple steps that are important to take to ensure that you're prepared for your opening day. Follow our guide below and you'll be sure to have a great start to your season. 


1. Learn About New Dockwa Features & Policies

We were busy in 2018, implementing new policies and adding new features to the Dockwa platform. To learn more about this year's feature and policy updates, click on the links below:






2. Review Your Cancellation Policy

On your marina's Dockwa Boater Profile, your cancellation policy is listed under the "Info" section of the page. Before your season starts, review your current Dockwa cancellation policy to determine whether an updated version needs to be added to your profile. If you find your current Dockwa cancellation policy is outdated, reach out to your Marina Success Manager to:


Update Your Cancellation Policy




3. Schedule Dockwa Training for New Staff

Got some fresh faces at your marina this season? Schedule time with your Marina Success Manager  - he or she will show your new hires what Dockwa is and how to use it. 


Schedule New Hire Training


Don't need staff training but want to update user permissions due to staff additions or departures? Complete this form and we'll make those Dockwa user account changes for you.



4. Update Your Dockage Rates

Review your dockage rates with your Marina Success Manager to ensure they are consistent with your advertised rates for this new season. If you need to change your Dockwa dockage rates, your Marina Success Manager will make those updates for you.


Get Started Managing Rates


"The team at Dockwa is professional and quick to respond with answers or suggestions if we have a question."
Noreen Baker 
Manager, Tisbury Wharf - Vineyard Haven, MA
We know that when seasons change, sometimes your prices and policies do too. Learn what to do when your dockage rates change in our next lesson.