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How to Dockwa: Exploring Dock Management

You're a master of the Dockwa reservation platform! Now, let's raise the stakes: full dock management, using the tools you already have in your Dockwa toolkit. 

Take Advantage of Dock Management Tools

1. Intro to Dock Management

Why adding your entire dock inventory to your Dockwa Dashboard allows you stay flexible and maximize occupancy.

2. Manually Entered Reservations

Manually add dockage reservations to Dockwa Dashboard to unlock full dock management tools.

3. Space Groups

Categorize your dockage in your Dockwa Dashboard to better allocate boaters and their vessels within your marina.

4. Spaces

Adding Spaces to the Dockwa Dashboard creates a digital library of your marina's entire dockage inventory.

5. Assignments

With Space Groups and Spaces set up, you can immediately give boaters slip or mooring assignments when they book.

6. Auto Confirm

Give boaters immediate peace of mind by confirming their reservation as soon as they request it.

7. Contract Management

Create, send, and process dockage contracts and payments in minutes. Ditch that stack of files on your desk.

Prep Your Dockwa Dashboard for Next Season

Updating Rates

Seasons change, and sometimes, so do your dockage rates. Before your season starts, make sure they're up to date.

New Staff Training

Contact the Marina Success Team to schedule a Dockwa training session for new staff members.


“Dockwa makes the decisions and booking of destination travel extremely simple resulting in increased boating activity…Our customers, visitors and especially our dockmaster all love it!”
Billy Schaefer
Chief Operator, Oyster Bay Marine Center
Oyster Bay, NY