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updating your voicemail

Capture the boaters that call after-hours

Did you know that 35% of dockage requests are submitted outside of business hours? This means that in addition to requesting dockage on Dockwa or your website before and after the work day, boaters may be calling your marina to request dockage when you’re not there to answer the phone. 

Luckily, your Dockwa profile, is open 2/47. Take advantage of this “always open” booking tool - update your marina’s voicemail to send after-hours phone inquiries to your Dockwa profile. It’s easy, but here are a few our tips:


1. Mention Reservation information first.

Boaters calling your marina are most likely interested in learning about your dockage. Help them get their answers quickly by leading with information about your dockage.

2. Mention your Dockwa booking tool.

Tell boaters interested in requesting dockage to search for your marina on Dockwa.com and submit a request. Better yet, if you have the Dockwa webform on your website, [link to webform] instruct boaters to request dockage straight from your website.

After a quick "Thank you for calling Our Awesome Marina," say, "To request a reservation, head to OurAwesomeMarina.com. Complete our reservation request form and we will confirm your request within 24 hours." Definitely freestyle here - you get the idea!

3. Enjoy your saved time.

By redirecting dockage inquiries from your voicemail to your Dockwa booking tool, you’ll no longer have to manage your voicemail - listening to all messages, manually taking down information, and calling back customers to confirm or decline requests.


"From the start, Dockwa has proved to be a valuable tool in capturing transient vessels from nearby competition. So much so, we strictly use Dockwa for all our transient reservations."
Denis Frain 
Director of Marina Operations, Gulfport Marina - Gulfport, FL

Let's cover all our bases and add online booking to your marina's Facebook page.