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Recognizing revenue at your marina

Dockwa provides simple, flexible, financial reporting to help you balance your books, even as you process more complicated transactions, such as seasonal boat storage, through Dockwa.

Locating the financial reports

To locate your marina's Dockwa financial reports, log in to Dockwa and click "Reports" at the bottom of the left-hand navigation bar. 



Here you will find your list of Basic Financial Reports (reflecting transactions from 2020 onward). Legacy Financial Reports (reflecting transactions from before 2020), and Advanced Financial Reports (for Dockwa Pro users only). 


Clicking on each report-type will show you a screen, on which you can export the report for a specific period of time. 


Understanding the Basic Financial Reports

The Basic Financial Reports available to all Dockwa partner marinas include the:

1. Reservations report

The Reservations Export is a report with reservation centric view of the financial data. This export can be paired with the other reports in order to perform more advanced data analysis. For example, you could find the total amount of refunds performed on canceled reservations by joining this export with the transactions export.

2. Line Items Ledger

The Line Item Ledger shows all items charged or refunded on confirmed and canceled reservations. Line items represent payable objects in the system that are added to or removed from invoices. These hold the source of truth for amounts paid, tax amount, and fee amounts. Start night provides the date of service and end night is provided when a single line item spans several nights, like a block of dockage nights, for example.


3. Invoices report

The Invoice Export will contain all posted and planned invoices on confirmed or canceled reservations. Invoices represent groups of line items that are added or removed from a reservation or sale. You can use the Invoice ID when looking at the Line Items Ledger to see a full breakdown of what is included in each invoice. You can use the Invoice ID to see which transactions were made toward each invoice in the Transactions Export.


4. Transactions report

The Transactions Export shows all credit, cash or check payments or refunds made in Dockwa. You can have one or more transactions made against an invoice, so they can pay for partial, one, or several line items.You can use this for cash sales accounting or for accounts receivable alongside the Invoice Export.

5. Bank Transfers report 

The Bank Transfer Export will contain a summary of the amount of money that was transferred to the marina's bank account along with a breakdown of transactions that make up that sum. These transactions will include all credit charges and Dockwa Dollar transfers, net of both refunds and charges.

For more information about the data included in the Basic Financial Reports and how the reports relate to one another, head to the Financial Reports and Exports section of our Help Center.


"Dockwa's support team in incredibly helpful and Dockwa works well with out accounting team for easy bookkeeping."
Dave Hautz 
Accountant, Bay Harbor Lake Marina - Bay Harbor, MI
If you have questions about transfer reports (or any other Dockwa-related questions!), learn who to contact in our next lesson.