Boat Registration in Oregon

New boat, new you! Soon you’ll be sailing along Oregon’s rocky coastline or cruising down the mighty Columbia River. But before you can enjoy your time on the water, you’ll need a certificate of registration for your vessel. 

Follow this Oregon Boat Registration guide to learn how to get a title, registration, and decal for your vessel.

Key takeaways:

  • All motorized vessels need to be titled and registered 
  • All sailboats 12 feet and longer in length need to be titled and registered 
  • Non-motorized boats less than 12 feet in length do not need to be titled or registered.
  • Fill out Oregon Application for Title and Registration
  • Boat registrations expire on December 31 in the second year.

Do I need to register my boat in Oregon?

If you plan to cruise on public waterways, your motorboat or sailboat (12 feet and longer) needs to be titled and registered with Oregon State. This includes pontoons, canoes, kayaks, and sailboats under 12 feet that are equipped with an outboard motor. 

Vessels under 12 feet in length that do not have outboard motors and are exclusively propelled by wind or paddle do not need to be titled or registered.

A select few types of boats may also need to be inspected before applying for registration. These include: 

  • Homebuilt boats
  • Used boats that were previously never titled or registered in any state
  • Used boats previously registered in a state that didn’t require a title
  • Boats that appear to have an incorrect Hull Identification Number (HIN) or missing

Based on your county, there will be different locations you can bring your vessel to have it inspected by the local Marine Board.

How do I register my boat for the first time?

You’re going to want to fill out the Oregon State Application for Title and Registration and submit it with with the document below that applies to you:

  • New boats: Supply the original Manufacturer’s Statement of Origin (MSO)
  • Used boats bought in Oregon: Supply the “Oregon Certificate of Title” from the seller with the release of interest section signed and dated.
  • Used boats bought out-of-state but the state requires titles: Supply the out-of-state title with releases by all owners.
  • Used boats bought out-of-state and the state does not require titles: Supply the prior owner’s registration card and bill of sale.

Unlike other states, Oregon doesn’t make you wait weeks and weeks before you can enjoy your new boat. If you apply and pre-pay online, you can print a temporary permit that allows you to operate your boat right away. Then just mail in the documents above with a copy of your payment receipt to the Oregon State Marine Board. In 8 weeks you’ll have your title, registration, and decal sticker.

  • Mailing Address:
  • Oregon State Marine Board
  • 435 Commercial St. NE., Ste 400
  • Salem, OR 97301

When I register my boat, do I also need to apply for a certificate of title?

Yes, Oregon requires a new owner to apply and purchase a certificate of title for any motorboat or 12 foot+ sailboat. You apply for your title while you are completing the boat registration process.

A certificate of title will cost you $75 but it’s good for as long as you own the boat. Make sure that if you are buying a used boat, you apply for your title within 30 days of ownership transfer or else there is an additional $25 late fee penalty. 

What type of fees should I expect?

In Oregon State, the length of your boat determines the registration fee. 

Oregon uses a very specific algorithm to calculate the registration costs of different boat sizes. You can calculate how much your registration will cost with this formula: 

  • $5.95 x length of boat in feet (rounded up) + $5.

You can also just reference the pricing chart on the second page of your Application for Title and Registration if you don’t want to do the math. 

  • This fee registers your boat in the state of Oregon for 2 calendar years.
  • If you are registering a boat that’s new to you, you may also need to make these one time-payments:
  • If you need a boat title = $75
  • If you are transferring a title over to you and 30+ days have lapsed since the date of release = + $25 penalty

What do I do with the registration certificate, number, decal?

Once you have registered your boat in the state of Oregon, you will receive a title, a certificate of registration, and a decal sticker in the mail.

The registration certificate is to remain on board at all times in case of inspection. It is best kept in a safe compartment, free from any contaminants likely to blemish the file. We recommend laminating the certificate or putting it in a waterproof sleeve.

You are also required to display your boat registration numbers and decal stickers on your ship's hull at all times. Failure to do so can result in a $110 fine. While the decal stickers are supplied by the Oregon State Marine Board, it’s up to you to handle your registration numbers. We suggest ordering vinyl stickers from places like BoatUS or WestMarine.

Boat registration numbers and your current registration decal must be affixed on both sides of the forward bow of the boat. The Oregon State Marine Board has provided this very helpful graphic of how to affix your registration numbers and decals on your vessel.

How do I renew my boat registration?

Your registration is valid for 2 calendar years. A couple months before it expires, you will receive a notice via email to renew.

Renewing your boat registration is super easy, and can be done through the online portal.

Once you get your new registration and decals in the mail, you will need to swap out the decal stickers on your hull. Your specific registration number will not change, so no need to update those numbers on your boat.

Do I have to register my boat trailer in Oregon?

You need to register your boat trailer with the Oregon DMV if the combined weight of the trailer and boat is more than 1,800lbs. If the combined weight is less than that, you are not required to register the trailer with the DMV.

What do I do once my boat is ready for open waters?

Congratulations! Your vessel is registered and ready for those beautiful blue Oregon waters! Explore the 365 miles of rugged shoreline, the 1,243 miles of the Columbia river, or one of Oregon’s 1,400 lakes. 

When you’re ready to come back to shore, find an Oregon Marina to tie up for a night, or an entire season on

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