Helping Marinas and Boaters Connect

Dockwa is the premier hospitality technology platform, helping marinas and boaters connect. Our marina partners see fewer cancellations, can manage their docks from any device and receive actionable data that helps them better understand their business.


What is Dockwa?

Modernize your Marina's Reservation Process

Gone are the days of calling a travel agent, hotel or even a restaurant to make reservations. Your marina's customers have come to expect a great experience and high level of convenience when booking a slip.

Dockwa gives your customers this experience through our web and mobile apps. It also enables you to confirm or decline customer's reservations with one click, giving your customers the confidence that their slip will be waiting for them.

Manage your Marina's Inventory and Access it from Anywhere

Do you ever have to get out a calculator to quote a customer a price over the phone or radio? How about that whiteboard that you're using to assign boats to slips or moorings: is it easy and efficient to update the dock plan after walking the docks? How often are mistakes made causing major headaches and leading to poor guest experiences?

What if we told you that with Dockwa, you can run all of your docks including reservations, assignments, inventory and perfect pricing, right from a computer in your office and accessible from any device, anywhere.

Focus on Communication and Customer Service

Dockwa helps you maximize the lifetime value and revenue of your customers, by continuously building your customer database, completely backed up in the cloud. Because your customer database is online and integrated, you can easily market to your existing customers and drive repeat business, year after year.

Dockwa also features a streamlined and modern chat feature that looks and feels like a text message on your smart phone. Let your customers chat with you, ask questions and discuss their stay without placing a phone call or calling on the radio.


Develop Your Digital Marketing Presence

If your marina's marketing plan is mainly based on print advertising and boat shows, there's a lot on the table to take advantage of. Dockwa can help with your marketing, starting with aligning your website and other marketing assets with the purchasing events that bring you the most return.

We'll also help you with your online presence through your website, social media, online advertising and other conversion opportunities. It begins by defining your marina's marketing funnel and setting yourself up for success.